Welcome to the website of the Liverpool Diocesan Registry.

This site is designed primarily to be a source of information for all those working in the parishes within the Diocese of Liverpool as well as being a portal enabling parishes to monitor the progress of their Petitions for Faculties online.

Howard Dellar, the Diocesan Registrar, is the legal officer to the Diocese and the Diocesan Bishop.

His responsibilities include:

  • processing Petitions for Faculties;
  • giving free advice to parish officers, clergy, boards and committees of the diocese;
  • issuing the documentation appointing clergy to their posts;
  • dealing with enquiries from clergy, parish officers and the general public on matters to do with marriage, baptism and confirmation;
  • maintaining a variety of diocesan records;
  • issuing the documentation to enable burial grounds to be consecrated;
  • issuing marriage licences; and
  • maintaining the Patronage Register and other linked functions.

It is always best to ask for advice from the Registry sooner rather than later to ensure matters start on the right footing. However St James House (the main office for the Diocese) may be better placed to assist you in certain ways. Click here for more information and contact details.